What About Konark Temple


 Once upon a time there was a king in india whose name was Langula Narasingha Deva .he was mostly powerful king in that time .he was worshiping to lord sun then one day he decieded to build a temple of lord sun .he called to many artisan to build temple and then 1200 artisan came to the palace then according to the order of the king they got involved in the construction of the temple .of all those artisan an artisan was the chief his name was Bisu Maharana.
  Let me talk about who is Bisu Maharana 
the bisu maharana

Bisu Maharana aslo a family When Bisu maharana left home to go to build konark temple his wife was pregnant .It had been many years since the construction of the temple and at that time his son was slowly growing up whose name was Dharma pada.
How Dharmapada is the main charecter .
Dharmapada was 12 years old.One day he went to his mother and asked about his father he asked like where is my father mom his mother answered after a while your father has gone to make sun temple for since 12 years then Dharma requested to his mother to meet with his father but his mother refused. Dharmapad was stubborn he requested his mother again and again but his mother refused because Dharma was only 12 years old and his father lived far away.After much stubbornness mother said yes .His mother bring some fruit from a tree which sittuated behind the house she said show these fruits to your father  only then you will be able to recognize your father then he went out to meet his father .
while he going on the road he was very hungry at the same time a women called him and offered some hot food he started to eat fast because he was very hungry but the food was vey hot due to food heating his hand was slight burned at that time that women advised him to eat from one side slowly slowly and Dharmapada kept this in mind.finally he met his father when he show fruits of behind of the house his father knew he is his son Dharmapada .after meet both son and  his father started to crying .
Why they cry.
The king Langula narasingha Deva was angry because even 1200 artisan are unable to build the top part of the temple and announced if the work of the temple is not complete before morning so the king  will cut the head of 1200 artisan, he will cut the head of bisumaharana also  he will kills to everyone it was final decision . For Dharma it was only few minutes after meeting his father and knew his father going to die .then Dharma decieded to complete the temple
Dharmapad knew how to complete the temple.he remembered that women who advised him to eat food  from one side slowly slowly then he decieded to build the top of temple slowly slowly from one side and finally he did that he completed the temple .the temple was completed but the artisans were not happy because they scared when the king know about it that a little boy who is only 12 years old that little boy did that work which work was not possible by 1200 artisan it's a shame for 1200 artisans and the king will kill to all artisans when he know .dharma decided to kill  himself then nobody will know everything .
              He told his father that  i am going to die after hearing this his father cried and dharma from the above the temple jumped to the ocean and died only for save life of 1200 artisans the sacrifise of that little boy still everyone remembering .the konark temple is broken today but its history is still alive .its a tourist place now many foreighners are comes here to spend time and to know about it .

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