When we are listening about technology sudeenly we r thinking about android mobile phone ,calculator,gadgets but these are not the difinition of technology so my dear friends lets common  dont skip and let me talk about what is technology.
the  difinition of technology
Technology means only not gadgets, mobiles, electronic products technology means which things are hep to human being to do any work that called as technology .technology helps to we to do any work in less time and helps to more production by using technology we can save our time and money both. i mean whatever makes our work easy thats call technology
the difinition of technology

by using technology we are  reducing our daily life stress
EXAMPLE;IN 199 camera was not good but in these days we r using dslr camera with fantabolous quality.
the difinition of technology
2;BEFORE 20years ago we used ambasidor car but now we r using luxurios car which cars are cross 200 km per hour in speed 
the difinition of love
3;before 10 years ago we were using landline mobiles but in these days we are using smartphone 
the difinition of love
by improving of these products we were getting many benifits.its call technology.
now human to do their work start making robots as human its call technology
difinition of technologyi hope u have got your answer thank u for visit 

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